I help women professionals experiencing divorce or other life challenges

Go From Heartbreak to Dynamite

in 90 DAYS or Less! 

I show them how to:

Transform their pain into power

♥ Ignite their future    &        

♥ Explode their personal 

WOW factor!

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Go From Heartbreak to Dynamite

in 90 DAYS or Less! 

I'll show you how to:

 🖤 Transform your pain into power

🖤 Ignite your future     &        

     🖤 EXPLODE your personal 

WOW factor!

Get your FREE Heartbreak to DYNAMITE Jumpstart Guide

When you're a woman who's gone through divorce or other heartbreak, sometimes it's hard moving forward 

All of a sudden the forward path to progress doesn’t seem so easy to travel.


... it feels like you're all alone and you’ve lost your way on the path altogether.

... you wish the old path would have worked out and you don't know how to let go.

... the grief you’re experiencing feels all-encompassing and your emotions keep you stuck. 

... the “noise” in your mind is so loud, it distracts you from even taking the next step.

... you get pushed off the path by circumstances out of your control.

... you feel like all your WOW Factor and dreams have disappeared

and there's no path worth taking.

Isn't it time...

...to find your path forward to making happy progress again?

Isn't it time to go From Heartbreak to DYNAMITE and start transforming your pain into POWER?!!

Could you keep navigating this path on your own? Sure. But then you’d still feel unsupported, more depressed, and more stuck than you already are, and you deserve better.

Not to mention you’ve probably already tried that.

I get it, though, you've just been through a heck of a lot and it may be hard for you to reach out for the help that you need. I know it was for me when I was in that space.

That’s why I help divorced women and women experiencing other tough life challenges take their power back from the thoughts that have been keeping them stuck in loneliness and fear, embarrassment and shame, heartbreak and grief. Those thoughts that keep them from getting the care and nurturing they need at such a critical time in their lives. The thoughts that are keeping them from the healing and happiness they deserve. I show them how to develop new thought habits that support them in breaking free to a new life. 

 When you change how you think, you change how you act too. The tricky part is, the majority of our thoughts happen subconsciously. They are deeply ingrained habits we aren't even aware exist. 

So, in order to return to progress, heal, and propel forward into your upgraded DYNAMITE life, your first step is to identify your thought habits.  


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Hey There

I’m Carolyn Jane Norris,

a woman probably a lot like you.


If you are going through a rough patch right now, it may feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel or like that dark tunnel is never going to end. If that's how you're feeling, it's totally understandable.🤍

I was in a similar space five years ago, when I divorced, and I felt that way, too.
Although my marriage wasn't right from the beginning, divorce was still something I never thought I would go through.

The intense heartbreak, fear, and loneliness, made it one of the hardest life experiences I've ever had and I've had some doozies.

You may relate and my heart goes out to you. There is hope...

Those first couple of years after my divorce were particularly rough and I went searching for healing options for myself and other women going through various heartbreak. What I found are compassionate, transformative healing solutions that have helped me feel more whole than I've ever been, even before my divorce.

To me, that's something worth sharing!

I'm on a mission to significantly accelerate and enhance the healing process for divorced women and women going through other tough life challenges, so they can get on to the amazing things they were born to do!


Meet Carolyn

How Carolyn Can Help You:

Private Coaching

 Let Carolyn personally work with you one-on-one in turning your pain into power, igniting your future, and uncovering your unique Personal WOW Factor, as you go from Heartbreak to DYNAMITE in 90 Days or less!

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Wisdom Circle Women's Group

Heal, connect, and move forward as you are supported in a women's online group experience. Here you'll have the opportunity to create cherished friendships, share your story, and receive invaluable wisdom from the group.

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Free Online Mini-Course

Start your healing. today by accessing a free video training. You don't have to stay stuck in the heartbreak and grief. Discover real tools you can use to reconnect with your Personal WOW
Factor and start feeling better now. 

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"Carolyn helped me up the level of my life when I did not have the guts to do it myself! She is a powerful, inspiring & loving mentor to me!" 


~ Necia F., Client and Abundance Mentor

"Carolyn is an awesome inspiration, fiercely walking her talk, gently reaching out to anyone who needs a listening ear and hand up. Carolyn helps everyone she meets stand in their greatness, by standing in her own and seeing beyond smallness."


~ Sharon G., Joyful Wealth, Inc.