What Is Habit Finder ?


Stop Self-Sabotage!

90% of your thoughts lie below the surface in your unconscious mind.



Habit Finder is an incredibly accurate

assessment that identifies those

thought habits so you can put an end to



I Want to Stop Self-Sabotage

Measure Your Mindset


Mindset is no longer some abstract concept. It can actually be scientifically and uniquely measured, tracked and improved to achieve greater and greater results. Mindset affects how you feel, your emotions and ultimately your personality, behavior, actions and results. If you want to improve your results, start discovering which habits of thinking are supporting or sabotaging your efforts. 


I Want to Measure my Mindset

You Can't Change 

What You Can't Measure..

Behavior Patterns


Ineffective behavior patterns have a ripple effect. You are afraid to take more empowered action and your mindset keeps you stuck. Shift it now, to get back on track. 



Most of us are blind to the thinking habits that run our lives. The Habit Finder assessment opens your eyes to where you can make different choices.



Unless you implement a change, you'll keep running the same subconscious programming that produced undesired outcomes. But you can't change until you are aware of the problem.                      

A Plan That Works..

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What Are The Steps?

Step 1:


Take the Habit Finder Assessment to measure your unique thinking habits and explore where your thoughts are out of alignment with the goals you are trying to achieve. Your unique results become a guide to your incremental improvements in your mindset and ultimately your future outcomes.

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Step 2:


Book a FREE Discovery Call with me, so we can debrief the assessment and  explore the shifts you need to achieve your goals. You'll declare expectations and establish outcomes, and together, we'll identify the program most suited to produce results for you.  

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Step 3:


Your customized program will guide you toward the healing and goals that are most important to you. You will start on the program that is best suited for your current situation and takes into account the complexity of your personal healing journey.

Customize My Coaching Program


Unless you implement a change, your subconscious programming will continue to be in the driver's seat of your life.


When you shift your mindset and rediscover your power, you unlock your ability to show up consistently and produce sustainable results. To achieve that, you need a system that puts you back in the driver's seat and takes you where you want to go, producing those reliable and sustainable results.


A Winning Strategy!


When you shift your mindset and rediscover your power, you unlock your ability to show up consistently and produce sustainable results. This speeds up and supports your healing journey.                                              


When you are aware of how to maximize your natural gifts and are able to Explode your WOW factor, you start feeling better about who you are, right away!                                                                                              


Attract safe people into your life who love what they do and produce abundant results. Your mindset determines who you attract into your life, and the results you produce together.

Why do this?

I know that you want mastery over your personal healing journey, your time, and your finances. 

To achieve that, you need a system to overcome past challenges, and to produce reliable and sustainable growth in your new life and your career. The problem is, you're dealing with so much divorce aftermath that you struggle with the discipline to produce consistent results. Your fears keep you from declaring and executing on ambitious goals. I believe that everything you need is already within you. Growth should flow naturally from the power of trustworthy, genuine relationships. Reaching out to a safe resource for support and wise guidance can go a long way in getting you back to where you want to be.  

Why not take the first step on your healing journey and join more than 200 thousand professionals that have taken the Habit Finder Assessment to take their lives from barely surviving to thriving.

Here's how together we do it…

First, take the Habit Finder Assessment to measure your unique thinking habits and uncover the mental shifts that will produce results specifically tailored to you.

Next, in a Discovery Call, you'll have a strategy session with Carolyn to declare expectations, establish outcomes, and develop a plan of action to achieve results.

Finally, you'll be guided through the right CJN coaching program(s) for you to heal and recover from divorce in the most compassionate and empowering way possible.

So, take the Habit Finder Assessment to measure your habits of thinking and identify where your greatest gifts are sabotaging your success. Then schedule a FREE Discovery Call with Carolyn to explore how to remove your barriers to self-improvement, self-love, and growth.


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“Carolyn’s abilities as a coach and her skilled use of the Habit Finder Assessment truly work together for those of us seeking to overcome limitations and find new empowerment. I found her to be an acute listener as we looked at habits of thinking that can be limiting and opportunities for change. And to all this she brings energy and a spirit of generosity that are inspiring."

~ Ellen W.